copyright(C) 2008 : ep3, department of environmental science, major of architecture, musashino university, all rights reserved.
モノクロ映像の明度情報が、光センサーを介して、 発光ダイオードの光度情報に変換されます。 このことによって、断片的なモーショングラフィックが立体的な全体像へと再構成されます。そこに立ち現れる発光パターンは、何らかの環境の変化を連想させます。




The system unit converts projected monochrome images into luminous intensity of LED through photo sensors. Therefore, the subdivided and fragmented two dimensional motion graphics are reconstructed into a three-dimensional photon movement. That forms luminous patterns associated with shifts in certain environment.

[luminous pattern1]
from the dancing in its own way to random movements in a flow

[luminous pattern 2]
from the pulsing of strings to the waving of layers

[luminous pattern 3]
from the generation and the fission of a cluster to the wandering movements and dives of clusters